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Are your court colours fading or peeling? Has the surface become too slick? Are the standing puddles after a rainfall? Has the surface begun to crack? Are the old net posts leaning? If the answer is yes to any of these problems, give us a call. We would be happy to arrange a free consultation an estimate to resurface your existing court.

Pressure Washing
Over time, your courts can become dirty and stained. In some cases, only a pressure washing is required to make the courts look like new. Ancaster Track and Tennis specializes in this work using specific pressure and technique. Your tennis or basketball court can be easily damaged if special care is not taken.

CracksArmor Crack Repair
Ancaster Track and Tennis is a proud to be Ontario's certified installer of the Armor® Crack Repair System. Effective in sub-zero temperatures, the Armor® system utilizes a thin, expandable membrane that seals asphalt cracks and prevents them from reappearing. In fact, the Armor® system is so efficient and effective that it has been installed at the site of the U.S. Open and has been used in 2,500 tennis courts worldwide over the past 10 years. Please click on the Armor logo or visit for more information.

Using an acrylic patching compound, we can patch any areas that are ponding, which can cause hazardous and inconvenient play after the rest of the courts have dried.

Post Replacement
Many net posts are installed using an improperly sized and constructed footing base, causing leaning, heaved, sunken, rusted and broken posts. We install net posts using "bell" shaped footings, with net post sleeves set in wet concrete. This guarantees years of service without the worry of leaning or heaved posts. Sleeved net posts allow for easy removal for other activities or replacement if a post gets damaged. We use only high quality posts that last, with solid brass internal winds and removable handles to insure years of trouble-free operation.

Tennis Court Colours Scheme
Please see our Plexipave Court Colourizer to choose from a wide range of surface shades. For more information on Rebound Ace and SealMaster colours, please contact us at 1-800-348-9436.

Line painting
You name the sport and we can paint the lines. We can create a design and colour scheme to facilitate any multi-sport pad.

In some cases, the repairs mentioned above will simply not do the job. If the court is beyond minor repairs, the only way to properly fix the existing court is to reconstruct the base (asphalt). Ancaster Track and Tennis has successfully reconstructed major tennis court facilities. Please call us today to reserve an appointment, so that we may meet with you on site to properly discuss a long term plan for your courts.

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